The Internet Has Gone Too Far In Trying To Shut Down ‘Grease’

We have heard a lot of information recently about cancel culture. It seems as if everybody has a soapbox and they aren’t afraid to discuss exactly what is on their mind. Of course, there are some things in the past from our entertainment that may not exactly be as appropriate for today’s viewing audience as they were for the earlier viewing audience, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should wipe everything out from our past. Our history is our history and in many ways, it made us who we are. That includes some blockbuster movies that are now being brought into question, including Grease.

It’s hard to believe that it has been since 1978 when Grease was first released. That movie was a game-changer in many ways and it is still popular, even down to this day. Many people look back on the movie and that time in our lives with a bit of nostalgia but thanks to the movie being released, it is also brought into question many of the themes that are surrounded within the movie. This includes some sexist and misogynistic ideas in the movie, including the possibility that a rape overtone was being considered.

People are now complaining that the movie should be removed and never be shown again. They were disappointed when they saw the movie in its entirety, as it has been showing for many years but it was edited for television. Although there are many people who are asking for it to be removed, there are also those who would like for it to stay.

In the end, it’s really up to the individual to decide if something like that should stay or go. We can argue both points and we can do so successfully, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone will listen. For now, this will continue to be a debate but it is one that will fall on deaf ears on both sides of the issue.

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