They Caught Pope Francis’ Instagram Account Liking The Picture Of A Model

If you’ve been around social media for any length of time, you realize that there is an inherent problem that we all fall prey to on occasion. As we are scrolling down through pictures, regardless of whether it is of our ex or perhaps some racy photos of some model, we all accidentally do a double-click. If you tap on the picture too many times in rapid succession, it’s going to automatically like it and you are going to show up on their feed. You may try to correct your error quickly, but somebody is going to see it sooner or later.

It seems as if this can happen to anyone, because the Instagram account of Pope Francis was recently caught double-clicking on the picture of model Natalia Garabotto. She shared it on social media and I’m sure that it was liked by mistake, but somebody saw it before they could take it down. As it turns out, the picture is of the model wearing a skimpy schoolgirl outfit. When you think about how the Instagram model and the Pope have a combination of over 9 million followers, it’s no surprise that somebody caught on quickly. Admittedly, the Pope probably doesn’t run his own Instagram account but you would still think extra care would be taken.

Natalia found out about the like that she got from the 83-year-old Pope and joked that at least she is still going to heaven. She gave an interview, saying that her mother hates her pictures but the Pope is double tapping. It really doesn’t matter if he liked the picture himself or not, he has gone on record with saying that sex is ‘simply divine’.

In the end, it’s something that is simply going to fade away in history. That being said, it’s still something that captures the attention and at least makes you wonder a little about what is going on.

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