Watch This Military Quartet Leave The Judges Awestruck During Moving Audition

You don’t have to look very far these days to find some incredible talent. All of us can probably showcase some type of talent, but we may only do it to friends and family. There are also those who have a talent to the level that they go beyond close associates and they might even try to show it to the world. Singing is a good example of how some people can do it. While the majority of us are confined to the shower when showcasing our singing abilities, other people go on the Internet or on TV to let everyone hear them.

Every once in a while, however, there is some type of talent that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That is the case with Voices of Service, and their ability to sing is going to move you. All four members of the group are veterans and some are on active duty. Throughout all of it, they managed to find some comfort by being with each other and by performing music for others.

Music and song are used by members of the group to help with PTSD when they finish a tour of duty. Since they have all spent time overseas and have lost individuals that were close to them, they all experience that trauma. They also want to help other servicemembers who may be struggling with mental health issues to help them along the way.

Voices of Service recently auditioned with America’s Got Talent. Master Sgt. Caleb Green (the official Washington Capital’s anthem singer), Staff Sgt. Ron Henry, Sgt. Maj. Christal Rheams and Sergeant First Class Jason Hanna are the four members who shared their story with the audience and the judges.

“We want to spread a message of love and hope for everyone in America who is coping with any challenge in life to show what music can do.”

They chose a Katy Perry song, ‘Rise’ to perform for the audience. They weren’t even a few notes into this song before they had the attention of everyone within earshot.

Every member of the group has a beautiful voice but when they sing together, it is taking things to the next level.

Judge Gabrielle Union and the other judges were on their feet to show how much they appreciated the song.

Everybody was thrilled with the performance from the moment that they started. It seems as if their mission on the stage was a great success.

You can hear them singing in this video:

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