What Is The Right Way To Draw An ‘X’? Twitter Can’t Seem To Agree On It

We learn how to write when we are very young. Most of us are writing our ABCs by the time we get into kindergarten and even if you are a ‘late bloomer’, you probably are doing quite well by the time you are in first grade. Out of all of the different letters that we have to write, one of the easiest is the letter X. It seems like such a simple thing to cross two lines and you have a letter that is not used very frequently but it is still awesome.

The question is, how do you go about writing an X? Do you start with the left slash or the right slash? Do you go up or down? You might be surprised by exactly how many different options you have available. It is a question that deserves answering, so people began asking how the letter X is drawn and it ended up going viral. It was all thanks to a twitter thread and now the entire world seems to be in on the debate.

Twitter user @SMACEY asked a simple question, “Which way do you draw an X?” They then showed that there were a number of possibilities, including the direction of the first slash.

There were people who were very confident with their answer but others had to do it on paper before they knew for sure.

The debate continued to rage on:

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