Woman Exercises During Pregnancy So She Can Push Out Her 9 Pound Baby In 30 Seconds


I think that most of us recognize the benefits of exercise but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we all exercise for the same reason. Some people do it to have more energy and others to live a longer life.

For 34-year-old Yanyah Milutinovic, however, exercising took on an entirely new meaning. She continued to get stronger and stronger while she was pregnant and it was her determination to stay physically fit.

As a result of being strong, she remained healthy during the pregnancy but there was a side benefit that most people don’t consider. She claims that she was so strong that when baby Vuk was born, she could push him out in under 30 seconds.

She says: “I was in labor for a total of seven hours, but I pushed my 9lb baby out in one single push – and in less than 30 seconds.”

After she gave birth, she did have some difficulties with moving around. After all, childbirth is difficult, even if you are healthy. It didn’t stop her from continuing to exercise, however, and soon she was pushing herself to even greater heights.

In order to get ready to go back to the gym, she did pelvic floor exercises and deep breathing. It is something that any of us can do, even without getting off of the couch.

Within five weeks after the birth, she was back in the gym and doing squats. Six months later, she had doubled the amount that she was lifting.

Yanyah and her husband, Risel Martinez live together with their three-year-old daughter, Smiljana, and the new baby. She did fantastic during childbirth but she also has a message for other mothers.

When she eats, she eats as much as she wants but she tries to eat as much protein as she can. She wants the fuel for her body so that she can continue to lift hard. She also wants people to work on their pelvic floor while they are pregnant.

She said that most women tend to lose muscle mass during pregnancy and they change their body composition. Instead of focusing on weight loss, she said that they should accept their current physique and circumstances and then rebuild their body after the pregnancy is over.