Woman Wants Partner To Learn How To Do Chores But Now She Is Second-Guessing Herself

Getting together with our significant other is a moment that we often wait for but it is also one that can have some stress involved with it. After all, we are blending lives and things aren’t always going to go as smoothly as possible.

We tend to have different ideals and we may even have different ideas on how to do different things around the house. In some cases, one person may have a very strong opinion and the other person has no idea how to fit in with it.

It seems as if that may have been the case in the following scenario that was uploaded to Reddit. A person wanted to know if they were being a jerk because they wanted their significant other to learn how to do household chores.

It seems as if these two were getting ready to move in together and she had a burning question. She wanted to know if she was expecting too much of him to show some initiative and learn the skills before they sign on the dotted line.

She goes on to explain that she is 20 years old and he is 24 years old. Up until this time he has lived with his parents but she has lived on her own in an apartment.

They did a lot of the footwork, getting ready to move in together but a conversation has led to a little bit of anxiety on her part. He said: “I’d wear a nice shirt out, but I don’t know if my mom has done laundry yet” and it started her wondering if his mother always did his laundry.

As it turns out, his mother does absolutely everything. He hasn’t had to lift a finger around the house to cook, clean, or even budget his money.

That is when she alerted him to the fact that she didn’t feel comfortable moving in with somebody who didn’t have those skills. She’s afraid that she’s going to take on the role of being a mother and teacher and it’s not something that she wants to do.

Of course, she’s willing to help him learn how to do some of the chores, such as cooking, but she’s also suggesting that they wait a little while until he learns how to do some of those basic things. He ended up getting angry and saying that she didn’t trust him to learn everything after he had moved in.

Now she is questioning his lack of initiative and wondering if she needs to back out of the situation. She went on Reddit to ask people if she was making the right decision and of course, she got a lot of feedback.

Some of the replies stated that she was being a little ridiculous and she could teach him how to do some of the things that he did not know how to do as of yet. They even went so far as to call her a bad girlfriend.

Others, on the other hand, said that she was absolutely right in standing up for herself and they actually admired her for taking that stand.

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