Young Artist Collects And Catalogs Every Mosquito She Has Killed In Her Life

I think that we can safely say that all of us have a hobby and we may even maintain that hobby for a lifetime. That includes a young artist who has something unusual that she does. She keeps every mosquito that she kills and numbers them in an unusual collection.

Delisha Day tweets regularly on Twitter and showed two pictures of how it started and how it’s going as part of a challenge. The pictures were a mosquito that she killed and then a collection of mosquitoes.

It seems as if she caught one mosquito to start with and even captioned it ‘brooo I just caught a macchar [mosquito]’. Things got weird when it came to the second picture.

She revealed that she keeps a book with mosquitoes taped into it and they are numbered. It seems as if she has killed at least 80 mosquitoes at this point and they are taped side-by-side.

Of course, many of us collect things and we may even collect and store them for our children after us. I think it’s safe to say, however, that not everybody has such an unusual collection.

We’re not sure if she’s going to continue this hobby but some have suggested that the study of insects, entomology, is a rather interesting topic.