Young Couple Fully Potty-Trains Their Baby At 2-Weeks-Old

One of the things that all parents have to face is potty training. It’s something that our parents had to deal with and something that our grandparents had to deal with before them.

Undoubtedly, having a child in our life is going to bring this about and most of us are prepared to go the two or three years that it takes to typically potty train a child. That isn’t the case, however, for Tom Lindwood and Montana Lower.

The young couple from Australia was facing life together with a young child but they decided to do things differently. They used a method that is known as ‘elimination communication’ to help their child get rid of diapers altogether by the time she was two weeks old.

The little girl, named Blue, doesn’t even seem fazed by the fact that she doesn’t wear a diaper. It all happened because her parents looked for signs that she was ready to use the bathroom and Blue was able to develop this learned behavior.

Parents can notice when their child needs to have some toilet time if they just focus on the way that the child is acting. This young couple applied the technique in their home and it worked better than anyone expected.

In one day of trying to look for those cues, Blue was sitting on the potty. It took a little bit of communicating but it seemed to work out very well.

After that day passed, Blue would look at mom or dad whenever she had to go to the bathroom. This is something the children have no knowledge of or wisdom about when they are born. If we don’t teach them to use a diaper, that is not something that needs to be unlearned.

This doesn’t seem like a very difficult method, and it’s one that many parents probably wish they knew early. Imagine the amount of frustration and even how much money would be saved if we could just get our child to sit on the toilet at a young age.

Many parents are now taking up elimination communication and are doing well with it. Some experts even feel that it is something that can make the bond between the parents and the child stronger.

Then again, when you are in the learning phase, there are going to be accidents. It does take some dedication but in the end, it can be well worth it.

Source: YouTube