Young Girl Falls And Scrapes Her Knee And It Turns Into A Life Or Death Struggle

If you live in a part of the world where the basic necessities and more are in ready supply, you might overlook the fact that many people are running short on what they need. This has become more apparent because of the pandemic but even before the pandemic, things were difficult in many parts of the world. That includes Venezuela, where a crumbling infrastructure and political unrest has led to severe problems and the shortage of even the basic items that people depend on from day to day. It is something that showed itself in the case of a little girl who scraped her knee.

When most children fall down and get a scratch or scrape, we often clean up the wound and put on a band-aid. There are going to be times when it may require some additional help and sometimes, it might get infected. That is what happened to a little girl in Venezuela but rather than being able to get the medicine she needed and move on with her life, she was left struggling and close to death. Medicine is difficult to come by and even those that need meds may not be able to get it from day to day. This little girl had a serious infection that got worse, traveled to her lung and left her heart permanently scarred.

This was not an isolated case. There are many people in Venezuela who are struggling to maintain their health because of a lack of medical care. In recent years, the unsanitary conditions and crumbling infrastructure has led to a severe shortage. Beds were cut by 1/4 and meds are not easy to come by. Many people die from sepsis as a result of those conditions.

To make matters worse, doctors and nurses are under extreme stress, as some have had knives and guns pulled on them by the very patients they are trying to treat. It is a serious problem but for the little girl with the scraped knee, she was able to finally go home. You can see more in this video: