An Artist Rendering of a Dog Has Two Hidden Kittens You Probably Can’t See

We human beings love optical illusions, and when you think about it, you would think that most people would not love to be confused. However, as it turns out, neuroscientists have recently discovered that the human brain loves learning and when people see an optical illusion, their minds become intrigued about being tricked and we get excited about the challenge of solving what we see. Optical illusions have been around for a long time and great minds have been studying them for several centuries. In fact, as long ago as the 5th century B.C., a Greek philosopher named Epicharmus first tried to give his peers an explanation for optical illusions.

He believed that when our minds understand what we’re seeing clearly, it’s not the mind that is fooling us, but rather, our sensory organs (eyes, nose, and ears) that can effectively deceive us when presenting us with optical illusions. Nevertheless, another Greek philosopher named Protagoras disagreed. Protagoras said that the environment fools us, not our own body’s senses. Plato and Socrates also got involved, and they both had their own different opinions. What do you think? In the artist’s rendering of a dog below, there are two hidden kittens. Can you find them?

Did you see the kittens? Head to the next page and we will do the big reveal.

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