How Many People Can You Find Hiding in This Picture?

Have you ever wondered why people love solving puzzles so much? We’ve all experienced the satisfying moment of solving a puzzle, whether it was a word search puzzle or a crossword puzzle. Or maybe some of us enjoy the fun quizzes, puzzles, and optical illusions we find online. Whatever type of puzzle you enjoy, your life is better for your working of them. The reason it’s good for you to solve puzzles is that it actually gives the brain a little workout. Just like our bodies need exercise, so does our brain. Now, we’re not going to claim that it cures diseases or is anti-aging or anything like that, but if you regularly solve puzzles, you’ll feel sharper.

People have been solving puzzles since the Stone Age, at least in the way that we use our brains to work things out. Our ancestor who invented the wheel was solving a problem, for example, and so was the person who discovered how to use a slither of bone to sew through clothing. It’s all about fixing things and finding solutions. Sometimes it’s even about just seeing something that’s in a photo, but not very apparent. For example, in the image below, there are several hidden people. Can you find them all?

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