One Plane Is Flying In The Wrong Direction. Are You Smart Enough To Find It In Time?

Traveling is something that most people enjoy doing. Some people will travel for pleasure and other people will do it for business. In either case, being at your destination is the good part but getting from here to there is not always as enjoyable. Perhaps that is why most people will opt to take an airline and fly from one place to another if they have the opportunity to do it. It can really save you a lot of time and frustration because you can get on the plane in one location and get off thousands of miles away within just a matter of hours.

Although we might enjoy flying to our destination, there is always at least a little bit of trepidation when it comes to being airborne. After all, we are putting our lives and our future in the hands of those who are responsible for operating the big airplane where we are sitting. We trust the fact that they are going to follow all of the rules and get us from one place to another safely. The last thing we would want them to do is to fly in the wrong direction. In the following picture, however, we see many planes flying away from a single location but one of them is flying in the wrong direction. Can you find it?

Try to find the plane flying in the wrong direction. You have 30 seconds to find it and if you struggle, check the following page for the answer.

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