People Can’t Agree on How Many Tigers Are Hiding in This Image

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that it’s very difficult to get everyone to agree on everything. In the case of viral online puzzles, this is equally true. Another viral image has made the rounds on social media and people can’t agree on exactly what’s in the image. Oh, there’s no doubt that there are tigers in the image. Lots of tigers. However, the disagreement comes into play when trying to figure out just how many tigers there are in the image. You can easily see the four tigers right out front and center, but somewhere in the background, there are 12 more tigers lurking.

To figure it out, look at the sky, ground, rocks, and even the foliage. This image was created by a photographer named Steve Read and you can actually buy his popular image on Fine Art America. Meanwhile, can you count the rigers. Remember, there are 16 tigers in this image. We’re going to give you the solution on the next page, but give it your best shot.

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