Research Says The Way You Make A Fist Speaks Volumes About Your Personality

When was the last time you took a personality test? They are very popular online and for the most part, it involves answering a lot of questions that really don’t seem to make any sense and then you get the answer as to what your personality really is. In some cases, it may be fairly accurate and it might even be based on scientific research but in other cases, it is just somebody’s idea of what those questions really mean. What if I were to tell you that one of the easiest personality tests is clenching your fist?

You might think that making a fist is really a very simple thing and we might do it without really thinking about it. We don’t always make a fist just to hit something, in fact, we may make a fist on a regular basis to stretch our fingers, to make a point when gesturing or perhaps to simply let out some pent-up frustration. The fact of the matter is, however, there are a few different ways you can make a fist and the way that it forms is going to say a lot about you and your personality. Go ahead and make a fist but try not to think too much about it. Now look down through the different types of fists and see what yours has to say about you.

1. Type A

If you hold your fist in this way you are probably a very gentle person. The thumb is resting on the outside of the other fingers which means you are sensitive, compassionate and considerate.

You tend to be understanding of people’s emotions and you also understand your own emotions as well. You act with empathy when dealing with other people because you can look below the surface and see what they are feeling. That makes you a very easy person to approach.

As far as your internal person is concerned, you tend to think about things strategically and approach everything in a very organized manner. You also have a degree of creativity and know how to use it. That being said, you can be introverted and, although you may enjoy a little bit of social exposure, you also like some alone time as well. If you are going after anything, however, you may find that you are impatient until you receive it.

There is something that you should be careful about if you make this type of fist. It has to do with people because many will try to take advantage of your kindness and you might not even speak up for yourself. It’s important to be yourself but just be careful.

2. Type B

If you make this type of fist then you might have a lot of charisma and talent behind you. You tend to be very extroverted and you are ready to perform without even thinking about it.

Your thumb unconsciously stretches out to cover over your fingers so you are not going to hold back when it comes to showing your emotions. You tend to wear your heart out on your sleeve and when you have something on your mind, you will say it.

Internally, you tend to be a very ambitious and driven individual who has a goal in mind and pursues it relentlessly. You have big dreams and you aren’t afraid to reach out for them on a consistent basis. Then again, you don’t really trust others to believe in your dreams for you.

You work very hard but you tend to do so in isolation and you are focused when it comes to anything you are approaching. You do need to be cautious because people will judge you in an improper way. Yes, it’s their issue but it could still cause you harm.

3. Type C

If you hold your fist in a ball like this picture you have a lot of introversion in your life. You are hiding the thumb inside of your other fingers which means you don’t like to share what is important in your life with anyone. You prefer to be on your own and you may allow a select few in your life but you tend to ignore the drama of having too many people around.

If there is one thing that you despise, it is phoniness and you tend to be drawn towards those who are straightforward and honest. On the inside, you would like to have those people in your life that would allow you to have a very meaningful conversation.

You spend time with other people and you enjoy doing so but at the end of the day, you need some space for yourself. You tend to get frustrated when people intrude your personal space without asking and if somebody wastes your time, they are off of your good list.

You tend to be honest in everything that you do and don’t like to hurt other people. When you are in your private space you tend to be calm. It’s as if you were born to enjoy living on your own.