Several Black Bears Are Hidden in This Image. How Many Can You Find?

Do you like solving puzzles? There are tons of different types of puzzles to solve, and everyone likes something different. My wife enjoys logic problems and word problems like search-a-word and crossword puzzles. On the other hand, I like the more visual puzzles. For example, I enjoy solving “which is different” puzzles and hidden-object puzzles. I could sit and do these all day long if I had the time (I don’t). People enjoy solving puzzles because our brains are biologically engineered to enjoy a challenge. In fact, we will actively seek out challenges because it’s how our brains function.

In the image below, there are several hidden black bears. How many can you find? If you need help, don’t worry, we’re going to share the solution on the next page.

Did you find all of the black bears? Go to the next page to see which ones you missed.

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