These Image Look Identical, But There Are Actually Seven Subtle Differences

Do you like to read? If you’re an adult who loves books, there’s a good chance that you learned to read when you were a child. Kids who went to some public schools in the U.S. (and probably private schools, too) were fortunate to be exposed to a wonderful children’s magazine called Highlights for Children, whose tagline is “Fun with a Purpose.” The magazine has been in publication since 1946 and is still distributed today. In addition to their print magazine, the company also has a robust and engaging website. The magazine was started by a couple of educators who were married to each other, Gary and Caroline Clark Myers.

In every single edition, there are tons of fun things to do, including short stories to read, poetry to recite, and tons of fun puzzles. One of our favorites is the popular “spot the difference” puzzles where you look at two images that look identical and try to find what’s different about them. Try to do that with the image below.

How did you do? Head over to the next page for the answers.

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