This Jumble of Giraffes Has a Hidden Rhino. Can You Find Him in 20 Seconds?

Rhinos are fascinating creatures, aren’t they? The rhinoceros is a member of any of five species of odd-toed ungulates and are mammals. They have their own family group, called Rhinocerotidae. There are five species in existence today, but there are numerous extinct rhino species as well. Two of the species that are still around are in Africa and the other three are in Southeast Asia. These giant beasts have been too often killed by poachers for their large horns, which are then sold on the black market. People use them for ornaments and some people even use them as medicine, which is ridiculous.

It’s important to draw attention to endangered animals, and this little simple visual puzzle does that. In this jumble of giraffes, there is a hidden rhino. Can you find him?

Did you find him? Head over to the next page for the solution.

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