You Have 30 Seconds To Spot The Difference But You’ll Need 60

Technology has changed the way that we do many things in life but perhaps one way that has affected almost all people is the way we communicate. Decades ago, people thought it was amazing that you could pick up a phone and speak to someone on the other side of town but today, communication travels at the speed of light. We talk, text, and stay in touch through social media. We also share pictures and sometimes, those pictures are worth 1000 words. That is especially true of Emojis, which are used to communicate in unique ways.

Since so many people use emojis, they have become a part of our society in unique ways. They are also part of a unique quiz that is either going to be loads of fun or perhaps a little frustrating. The point of this little test is to look at the two images, which appear to be identical. As you look a little closer, however, you might find that little difference that makes the pictures different from each other. You have 30 seconds to find it. Try your best and then check the following page for the solutions.






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