Move Away Slowly If You Ever See A Brown Patch Like This In Your Yard And Call For Help

When the winter weather is coming to a close and summer is getting started, most of us turn our attention to the outdoors. It’s a great time to spend time with friends and family outside enjoying the yard, the warm weather and all that the summer has to offer. Perhaps one of our favorite things about the warmer weather is the fact that we get to enjoy the lawn. We take care of it and ensure that it is pristine but sometimes, we may see a problem and wonder what is happening.

If you ever find a brown patch in your yard, you probably get up close and personal to find out what is happening. Most of us experience these types of problems and it isn’t out of the ordinary to do so. When you discover that something is underneath the grass, however, it is time to let the professionals handle the situation.

In this video, we get to follow an Ontario wildlife removal professional who has come out to check out a dry piece of grass. It is probably something that he does on a regular basis but on this day, he takes a video so that all of us can learn from what is doing. He wants to show us that there is something underneath the surface and we should all be aware of it.

Fortunately, what is hiding in the grass is not something to be afraid of. In fact, it is probably one of the most benign finds that is possible. It is a nest of baby rabbits, and the homeowner had seen them moving but had no idea it was just some of these adorable creatures who were only a few weeks old.

When you look at the dry patch from far off, you might not really think much about it. It just looks like any other dry patch, but once he pulls up the grass, he reveals the nest of bunnies that are tucked beneath the surface. They are only a few weeks old and the mother had obviously gone off to find something for them to eat. She was nowhere to be found.

This wildlife professional then talks to us about what we can do when we find a nest like this in the yard. He gives us some very straightforward advice. Quite simply, leave the nest alone. The mother is only going to come back to check on her litter maybe one or two times a day so you shouldn’t expect to see her more than 20 minutes out of the entire day. Within a few weeks, the bunnies will be weaned and they will move out on their own.

It isn’t unusual for rabbits to hide its nest in plain sight. Actually, it is a matter of safety for the litter. The natural predators would not likely come out into the open to hunt for a meal. They would be too afraid of dangers from household pets or being discovered by the people who live in the home.

For that reason, it is just best if you leave the nest alone. In fact, it is best if you keep your dogs and cats away from the nest until the bunnies are weaned.

You can see these adorable bunnies in this video and learn some rather useful information. It can help to keep the little creatures in your yard safe this summer: