Kefir Is A Massive Maine Coon Cat That Is Bigger Than Most Dogs

When most of us think about kittens, we think about a cute little animal that curls up on our lap and purrs with satisfaction. Although that may be true in many cases, it’s not completely true in the case of Kefir.

You see, Kefir is a Maine Coon kitten and he is so huge that many people think he is a dog. Of course, Maine Cone cats are known for being large but he is on his way to being one of the largest that ever existed!

Kefir lives in Russia with his owner, Yulia Minina. He is only two years old but already weighs in at close to 20 pounds! That is absolutely huge for a cat and it means that he is larger than most adult main can cats.

He still has another year or two before she reaches his full size, so it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

When Kefir was purchased, he was only a small kitten from a cattery. Yulia fell in love with him and his snow-white fur but things have been difficult. Of course, we all love our cats and want to do what we can to make sure they’re comfortable but this kitten needed to eat a diet of meat and natural feed because he wouldn’t eat dry food.

I could not even think that an ordinary baby can become so big. He not only grew up big in appearance, he is also very smart and always behaves calmly. The look is generally like that of a person, and Kefir has a formidable appearance, but he is a very affectionate and modest child.

When strangers come to the house, everyone first confuses him with a dog. But when friends and acquaintances come to the house – all the attention is on him and he willingly allows himself to be stroked.

He is also super strong and she says:

He has one more habit: at night he likes to climb on me and sleep. When he was a kitten, it didn’t cause me any inconvenience. But now he has become big and heavy, and, of course, it is difficult to sleep like that.

It will be interesting to see where this kitty ends up.