A Cat Mom with a Difference: Four Rare Brown Kittens Found in Shelter

If you are somebody who loves cats, then we have a nice story for you. It’s about a woman named Laura Malone who directs a nonprofit organization, Mini Cat Town. She does what she can to care for stray kittens and cats when they are found on the street.

One day, Malone was at the city shelter picking up a cat family. Mars is the name of the mother cat, and she was absolutely stunning. She had long black hair.

She also had kittens, who had a very rare type of brown fur. They are often referred to as cinnamon or chocolate and all four of the kittens had the coloring.

There wasn’t much information available about where the kittens and their mother came from before they were at the shelter. Mars was comfortable around humans so she may have been owned by a human the past.

The kittens and their mothers went home with her and they had difficulty on the first night. In speaking with Love Meow, she said: “[Mars] was growling so much at every noise and movement, making unwavering eye contact, and standing so defensively.”

It took a little bit of time but eventually they calmed down. In addition, Mars started to get affectionate, and she would always be around to rub up against her leg.

As time went by, Mars and the kittens became even more familiar with the humans in their area. They also started to get larger so they began playing.

All four of the kittens are girls and aside from their chocolate fur, they also have many other unique qualities.

Fortunately, Malone was able to care for the kittens and the mother. She had to make a little extra room but as they grew, they were adopted into forever homes.