Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Invite Meghan Trainor To Sing “All About That Bass” Using Classroom Instruments

If there’s one thing that all of us have in our lives and we have in common, it’s music. Some of us may enjoy listening to music and others may be obsessed with it but it just seems to be something that is built into us from the moment we were born and perhaps even earlier. When we were younger, however, our taste in music may have differed from what it does today and our musical abilities may also have been limited to a certain extent. We often found ourselves using some classroom instruments, such as a kazoo or perhaps a set of bongos.We did the best that we could but those limitations sometimes held us back.

Although we may have considered those classroom instruments to be somewhat primitive, they actually did a fairly good job of introducing us to music and allowing us to have a little fun at the same time. More than likely, we did nothing more than make noise with those instruments but when they are played by someone who is skilled, they actually sound really good. That is easy to see when you watch Jimmy Fallon and the Roots playing musical instruments as they sing “All about That Base” with Megan Trainor. You are sure to walk away with an even greater appreciation for what those unusual instruments have to offer.

If there’s one thing that we can guarantee from the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, it’s the fact that we are going to be entertained when we watch it. Regardless of whether it is listening to an interview or watching a skit, there is no shortage of interesting things to see.

At times, when somebody who has a lot of musical talent comes on the show, they are able to showcase that talent for the world to see. That is the opportunity they gave Megan Trainor in this episode, and it was given to her in a most unusual way.

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