20 Hilarious Veterinarian Signs That Any Cat Lover Can Relate To

If you were to ask a dog or cat about the trip they had to the veterinarian, they probably wouldn’t be very enthusiastic about it. In fact, in the animal’s mind, it is likely that the veterinarian is one of the most unfunny persons on the face of the earth. After all, pets are often poked and prodded and sometimes, they may lose body parts in a type of voluntary surgery that is ‘for their own good’. Certainly, cats and dogs do not smile when they go to a veterinarian but that doesn’t mean that we all need to frown when we make the trip.

As humans, we recognize the fact that it may not always be fun for the animal to go to the veterinarian but it is a necessary trip on occasion. We don’t have to share the same opinion of the vet as our pet friends, and as you are about to see, veterinarians can actually be some of the funniest people in our lives. As you look down through the signs from outside of veterinarian offices below, you will see that they not only have a grasp on animal reality, they have a sense of humor that will keep you chuckling.

1. We get the pun

2. We only answer to our felines

3. Parents will understand this one

4. The truth hurts sometimes

5. It’s a fact

6. They will continue to scratch until you open it

7. Just say no

8. It’s a good way to get scratched

9. How punny

10. We get it

11. Apparently, puns are in season

12. It’s the same today

13. Oy vey

14. A good one

15. Snap crackle pop

16. The logic is sound

17. Cats really don’t like lemons

18. Are cats from outer space?

19. Mine would win the gold as well

20. Clever

Source: Inspire More