30 Birds Who Deservingly Got Shamed Online

Whenever you hear the word “prankster,” does your mind immediately think of characters like Bart Simpson or folks like Aston Kutcher? Maybe Bart and Aston have hearts of gold, but boy, are they real jerks when it comes to pranking people! However, it’s not just cartoons and celebrity pranksters who are masters at making other people’s lives more stressful. In fact, there are plenty of prankster animals out there who are just as devious. Perhaps the #1 prankster in the animal kingdom has to be birds. They are always waiting for an opportunity to swoop in and ruin your day.

To show you the hidden dark side dwelling inside of every feathered creature out there, we have a list of some of the worst offenders on the internet. These birds will have you both laughing and cringing at their sadistic sense of humor.

#1. Here’s what this angry Cockatoo thought about this guy’s “anti-bird spikes.”

#2. Every morning this bird waits for him to show up to work, then spends the rest of the day looking at himself mirror and…well you get the picture.

#3. Oh, what a nice paint job. Boy, it would be a shame if someone were to…

#4. Maybe this bird can’t read?

#5. How do you think he talked his buddy into this?

#6. Go ahead. Try to put me in another cage. I DARE YOU…

#7. This woodpecker just said, “SCREW this tree in particular.”

#8. Well, sweetie, you see your pet bunny grew wings and flew to heaven…

#9. A goose being a thug, just because…

#10. Does he really need to spell it out for you?

#11. A pelican decides to try some kitty sushi.

#12. This is what happens when you fail to invite these birds to your beach party!

#13. So, this happened…

#14. Hey, did you make cake batter?  I love cake batter! Mind if I just…

#15. This feathered jerk keeps pecking on his window and shouting while he’s trying to work.

#16. Payback’s a beak!

#17. This hawk doesn’t give a flying french fry about these bees. When he wants honey, he TAKES honey.

#18. Wow is this a new wine glass Karen? Woopsie!

#19. So this peacock decided “no parking spot for you!”

#20. Quote the raven, “your fries are NEVERMORE…”

#21. YO! I’M ON TV!

#22. Did someone order a crappochino?

#23. Well, at least he’s consistent. Not everyone takes biting people this seriously, you know…

#24. So, this person apparently ticked off the wrong bird.

#25. Thug life bird takes what he wants when he wants.

#26. I think you’re done with that. Thanks.

#27. This bird takes great joy in stealing candy from babies. Just look in his eyes…pure evil.

#28. Hey John, I don’t think this book’s working for me.

#29. She thought it would be cute to pose with these birds. They had other ideas.

#30. The Australian Fire Hawks: These birds proactively spread wildfires. Witnesses report seeing both solo and cooperative efforts, often successful, by these birds to spread wildfires intentionally by transporting burning sticks in their talons or beaks. After spreading the fire, they just sit back and pick out the juiciest prey or chow down on the charred remains of any critter who didn’t make it out in time. These are the kings of the bird jerks.

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Source: Bored Panda