Elderly Men Share Tips For Staying Sharp As They Age

When we get older, we start to slow down in a number of different ways. It happens physically, and suddenly we aren’t able to run as quickly as we could or perhaps we can’t lift as much as we could when we were younger. It’s often a sad situation.

Another way that we slow down as we get older is in our mental capacities. That is what happens in the following joke. It involves some older men that are having a conversation but they can’t quite remember the details as they should. Fortunately, one of the men has a plan that will help him to recall everything perfectly.

Two elderly couples have their weekly meet-up at a table in their local park.

They take a seat, and the ladies chat with one another across the table, as do the gents.

Fred asks Harold, “Are you still going to that memory clinic?”

Harold says, “Yes, it’s been helping my memory a lot. I recommend you come along to our next session.”

“What do they do there?” asks Fred.

“They teach us to remember things through word association,” replies Harold.

Fred says, “I might have to give it a try. What’s the name of the clinic?”

Harold pauses for a while, trying to remember,

he says, “Ummm, ahh, hang on… um… what’s the name of that beautiful flower, the one that has thorns?”

Fred says, “That’d be a rose, Harold.

Harold turns to his wife and says, “Rose! what’s the name of that clinic I go to?”