Dog Chained Outside For 4 Winters Has No Choice But To Lift One Paw At A Time Off The Ice

Dogs are amazing and I’m sure that most of us would agree on that simple fact without any problem. When we have a dog in our life, we can’t wait to see them every day because they are there for us, wagging their tail and making us feel better from the moment we come through the door. Many of us who own a pet could not imagine living a life without one by our side. We also couldn’t imagine how anyone could abuse such a loving animal, but it happens all too often.

A dog by the name of Diesel found an owner but it wasn’t exactly a forever home. Unfortunately, the dog was in the hands of someone who did not care for him as they should. For four years, the dog was chained up outside all the time so he was out there when it was hot and he was out there when it was cold. At times, it would even get down well below zero and the poor dog would sit there, lifting one paw after another in an attempt to keep warm. He would also get attacked by other dogs and wasn’t able to fight back.

That is when volunteers from the Animal Advocates Society got involved.

You can see Diesel in the picture below when volunteers went to rescue him.

The winters are harsh in the Yukon and his health was being affected.

His struggles had basically come to an end but he needed additional TLC that the volunteers were happy to give.

Diesel was placed in a rehab center and he eventually got the life he deserved. People were caring for him and he was making plenty of new friends.

It took some time but eventually, he was able to overcome the difficulties he had faced in his younger years. He needed to learn how to interact with other humans and dogs but he is now in a forever home and living a happy, healthy life.

Source: We Love Animals