Firefighters Tug On Rope To Pull Down Tree, Then They Turn Around And Burst Into Laughter

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a firefighter? Many of us think about someone who would run into a burning building to save others. Although that may be true, they are involved in the community in many different ways. Sometimes, they may be called on to do something rather unusual and that was the case in this video. The firefighters were pulling down a tree using a large rope.

Although they may have been the first responders, there was actually somebody who was there before them. I’m talking about Rocky, a dog that was more than interested in what these firefighters were doing. Perhaps he was interested because his father is also a firefighter or maybe it was just too much of a temptation not to jump in. When he saw the rope hanging and the firefighters pulling on it, however, he grabbed onto the end of it and started pulling as well. The tree, which was damaged by a storm, was being pulled down to keep others safe. Rocky was playing his part.

As the firefighters are pulling with all their might, the tree just doesn’t seem to want to budge. When the camera pans back to the back of the line, you can see Rocky there pulling on the rope as if it is the biggest game of tug-of-war.

Perhaps Rocky is also thinking about what will happen once the tree is down. The firefighters will likely head back to the station and throw some steaks on the grill. Perhaps Rocky is excited at the thought of eating some steak along with them.

Although there are many sounds during this video, it is the sound of laughter that really makes us smile. They are laughing at Rocky, who seems all too eager to lend a helping hand.

As it turns out, the little extra help that Rocky puts into it may just have pushed them over the top. Before long, the tree crashes to the ground. Good job, Rocky.