Girl Trains Pet Bird To Attack And She’s Not Shy About Using Her Powers

If you had to choose a superpower, what would it be? Some people would probably choose something ordinary, such as being able to fly around the city or perhaps being able to see through walls. Either of those would be interesting but quite honestly, if you had any superpower at all, it would certainly be of benefit when you needed to use it. What if you had power over animals? Actually, that’s probably a dream that many of us have, of being able to communicate with animals and have them listen to us.

That may just be the superpower of one little girl. Twitter user @Apex_sH has a niece who has these stunning powers and he posted a video of her for the world to see. Her ability is to scream at somebody and her bird will automatically attack that person. You can see it unfolding before you in this video. It starts out fairly normally, with her standing on the bed while somebody takes a video of her. Suddenly, she lets out a squeal that is enough to make your blood run cold. It’s absolutely amazing but perhaps the most amazing part is the fact that the bird that is beside her immediately launches and attacks the person taking the video.

You can really see the rage in the girl’s face when she is screaming at the camera in this screenshot. I have to tell you, I’m a little bit scared already.

People have gone on Twitter and are both horrified and impressed with what they have seen.

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