Owner Goes To Pick Up Dog At Vet And Gets The ‘Stink Eye’ That Has Millions Laughing

Dogs can fill many different roles and sometimes, we may find that they are doing multiple things in our lives. We might start out with a dog who is more of a companion than anything else and before you know it, we recognize a hidden talent that can be a part of our companionship as well. Some dogs are bred to do specific things and others just have it naturally as a part of their life.

Dogs can also be employed in many different areas to do everything from sniffing out drugs to checking for bombs. They work at border crossings, airports, schools and different areas where they are needed. Some of them are very serious looking and it may even appear as if they are ready for a fight. When the workday is done, however, these dogs often show affection to those who care for their needs.

One of the things that make dogs so fantastic is their ability to connect with people. When you are looking for that level of comfort, it seems as if dogs are able to fit the bill perfectly. They even can provide some laughter, as this dog so clearly shows.

I’m not sure how long this dog was at the veterinarian, but it seems as if it was too long as far as he was concerned. It doesn’t matter which way they were looking or what direction was taken when they were filming, he continued to stare at his owner and give him that evil eye.

People sometimes look this way as well but I have to say, the dog has the look down perfectly. We can only imagine what is going on in the dog’s mind but one thing is certain, it doesn’t appear as if he is very happy.

The facial expressions are almost too much to take but when he looks at his owner, it’s almost too much to bear. When your dog looks at you like this, you might end up questioning everything.

If you have ever had a boxer in your life, you realize that they can be both adorable and expressive. I doubt that the owner of this beautiful dog has a dull moment when the two of them are together. You can see the expression in this video:

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