People Online Are in Love With This Cute Kitten Who Sleeps on His Back

When an animal because internet famous, it’s usually because they have a behavior or a  look that’s totally unique. For example, there is Narnia, the two-faced chimera cat, and there’s also Yoda, who has elf-like ears. However, one little yellow and white kitten has become famous because of something adorable he does without realizing how adorable he is. In July of 2019, the kitten named Chata was only two months old when the world started falling in love with him. What was so special about Chata? It’s how he sleeps. Yep, you read that right. Chata sleeps laying flat on his back.

To make it even more hilarious, his front paws are down beside his side and his legs stick straight out. This kitten is a total mood. In other words, Chata is completely relatable and that’s probably what people love about him. Chata is a munchkin breed cat and he was born in April 2019. It’s because he’s a munchkin that plays a large role in the way he sleeps in this peculiar sleeping position. The munchkin breed has shorter legs that are stubbier than those of most domestic shorthair breeds and other housecat breeds. Think Corgi dogs, but in a cat. They’re totally adorable.

Can’t we all just relate to how this cute little fellow feels? Everyone has been this tired at one time or another, and we can feel Chata’s comfort. And when his little eyes are open, he’s just as adorable. His human mom was probably alarmed the first time she saw him sleeping this way. He looks stiff as a board. Looking at him makes me want to rub that cute little white tummy. He’s really cute. Chata’s cat brother, Chava, is also a munchkin, and he has the same characteristic short legs.

However, Chava doesn’t sleep as unusually as Chata does. We’re in love with this little guy. Here are some more pics.

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