Puzzling Photo Surfaces on Facebook that Looks Like a Flying Cat

My wife and I do cat rescue, so we know a good bit about cats. One thing is for sure: all cats are unique. However, as much as I love my cats and I believe they’re all very talented, we’ve yet to have one that can fly. We have some that can jump really high, and some that pounce on us from high places, but taking off and soaring upwards into the air (at altitude) isn’t something we’ve experienced. And I don’t expect we will. However, a man named Bob White took a photo that has people scratching their heads.

The photo is of an animal that is clearly a bird, but it looks bizarrely like a flying cat. There’s a bird known as a “Hawaiin goose,” or a “nene.” In fact, White says that when he was a kid doing crossword puzzles, he often ran across “Hawaiin goose” as a clue for nene. He never dreamed he would see one in the wild, but that one special day, he got his chance. White was at the Haleakala National Park that’s in Maui, Hawaii when he suddenly realized that a nene was flying above him. He finally had his chance, so he grabbed his camera and started taking photos but by then, the nene was gone.

He tried to take the photo anyhow, but he ended up getting a shot of the bird from a weird angle. The result was that it looked like a flying cat. He said in an interview with The Dodo that he couldn’t help seeing the cat’s head, but he knew what it really was. When he shared the photo to the private Facebook group called Crap Wildlife Photography, it went viral, getting over 5,000 likes. In White’s opinion, it looks like it could be one of the pets of Daenerys Targaryen. It’s ironic to him that he waited so long to see this special bird and took this crazy cool shot.

Good job, Mr. White!

Image: Pixabay

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