Sleeping Baby Calf Snores Sweetly While Lying in Rescuer’s Lap at the Vet

Barn Sanctuary is an organization that rescues and rehabilitates neglected and abused farm animals. The organization creates a safe haven for these poor animals where they can thrive as they recover. Their motto is that they envision a world in which farmed animals are seen as individuals and treated with empathy and compassion. That’s a beautiful motto, in my opinion. Because farm animals are very often the food that people eat, people tend to not be as concerned about the plight of these gentle creatures as they are about companion animals like cats and dogs. Why is that? Aren’t these animals creatures of the planet as well?

The organization was started in Chelsea, Michigan in 2016 when some people wanted to rescue some neglected and abused farm animals. They want to change the way people see these animals who are raised for food and work. As it turns out, farmed animals are the most neglected and abused animals in the entire world, believe it or not. Whether it’s cows, chickens, pigs, ducks, sheep, or goats, these animals are just not treated with the same respect and empathy that is reserved for pets and wildlife. At Barn Sanctuary, the staff nurses these vulnerable animals back to help and shows the world how beautiful they truly are.


Their goal at Barn Sanctuary is to give every animal the best possible quality of life, and this includes medical care, a clean home, and good food. They consistently evaluate their impact on the lives of these animals and operate on all levels with mutual respect, kindness, and belonging. Best of all, the organization is 100% donor-funded, so they are committed to integrity and financial transparency and aren’t influenced by lobbyists and other nefarious sources.

For more information, follow Barn Sanctuary on Instagram. You can also follow their YouTube channel. Below is a video of a sweet baby calf snoring gently as he lays his head in his human’s lap. The calf’s name is Mike and he was surrendered from slaughter because of his poor health. He had infected joints, cataracts in both of his eyes, and is blind in one eye. Barn Sanctuary will be his forever home.

Here is another video of Mike.

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