Texas Ranch Calf Is Born And Looks Just Like Gene Simmons

Have you ever heard the expression that somebody is a “brother from a different mother?” Quite simply, it means that they are very much alike, even though they don’t share a family history. We often say this when we are best friends with somebody and we know that we tend to like the same things in life. It seems as if it is not only something that we may experience as humans but it can also cross over to the animal kingdom as well.

A ranch in Texas saw a rather unusual and special birth on July 28. A calf was born and she is getting attention from many people around the world. When you find out the reason why this calf is so popular, you might wonder if it could really be true. When you see the picture that we have below, however, any doubt that you have is going to be erased completely. Are you ready for it?

This special calf looks a lot like rocker Gene Simmons.

The resemblance is so uncanny that Hill Country Visitor is actually calling out the rock star, asking him where he was around the time when this calf’s mother became pregnant. They had to do the math but since a cow’s gestation period is about seven months, they were able to get it fairly close. Did Gene Simmons have anything to do with this? Will just have to wait and see.

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