Kelly Clarkson Joins Forces With Pink For The Ultimate Performance Of ‘Everybody Hurts’

When we look at all of the talented singers that are in the world around us, there is something that we likely recognize about them. It’s the fact that each of them has a unique style and often, that is what really makes them popular. Think about singers, such as Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, and Josh Groban. All of them had something unique that they offered and people absolutely loved when they put on a performance. They often perform alone but sometimes, they would team up with others and it always offered something interesting. After all, when you get two talented individuals together, you know something great is going to happen.

I’m sure that’s how everybody felt when Kelly Clarkson and Pink got together for a very unique song at a concert. Both of them are extremely talented songwriters and singers, and they had a library of music to choose from that was their own. What they decided, however, was to sing a cover of the song that was originally sung by REM. The song was, “Everybody Hurts” and they really honored the original band by performing it that day. Although all of the fans were probably being treated to an excellent concert, this one song really held a lot of special meaning because two of the best singers in the world were together on the same stage and performing for everyone to hear.

“Everybody Hurts” was a song that was released in 1992 by REM.it reached number 29 on the US Billboard hot 100 and top 10 in the charts in many other countries, including Canada, France, Australia and the UK. It was one of those songs that just seemed to touch people on a personal level. No wonder it was so popular and these two artists decided to cover it.

You may never have the opportunity to see these two in concert personally but you do have the chance to see it in a video. You can watch that video below and enjoy it as many times as you like.