Pink Lays It All On The Line With A Touching Performance Of ‘Dear Mr. President’

When somebody is considered popular as a singer, it often has more to do with their overall ability to entertain an audience then it does with their voice. Of course, if they are going to perform live and step away from all of the technology they have at their disposal in the studio, they will need to be a good singer but on top of it, they also need to move an audience in some way or another. Some do it with an impressive stage show, others do it with lyrics that touch the heart. When it comes to Pink and her performance, it is a combination of many different factors that make her more than a celebrity, she has become a superstar.

Pink is not only somebody who sings songs, she also writes music and she has done it for many years. Although her songs are extremely popular and you may even have a favorite, she admits that one of the most important songs that she ever wrote was “Dear Mr. President”. That is the song that she selected to sing for an audience in New York City. Although Pink is known for putting on quite an elaborate stage show and at times, even performing acrobatic stunts above the audience, she put all of that aside to sit on a stool and sing this song for her audience. It was almost as if she was singing for each of them individually.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to see Pink sing in person, it really is something that you should consider. Even if you aren’t a huge fan, there is something about somebody who is this talented that really opens up the possibilities and allows you to enjoy the entire event.

If there is one thing that we can say for a certainty about this performer, it’s the fact that she puts her heart into everything she does. You are sure to be touched when you listen to her performing Dear Mr. President, a controversial song that may just become one of your new favorites.