Angry Neighbor Calls Cops, Accuses Kids of ‘Vandalism’ for Painting Hopscotch Squares

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Have you ever been such a killjoy that even little kids and puppies hate you? That’s what happened to one person recently when they called the police on a group of kids playing hopscotch. A mom named Sarah Goodwin said her kiddos were playing hopscotch and did what kids do when they play this game. They drew hopscotch squares on the pavement with chalk. Later, the marks were washed off, but Sarah and all of the rest of us are shocked that that local housing association and police were called by an angry neighbor who complained about vandalism by a group of kids.

The angry neighbor has remained anonymous and that’s probably a good idea because it’s likely some other folks were angry at them. No one loves a killjoy, after all. The children were ages 6, 9, and 13, and they had some friends with them playing. The story of the ordeal was posted in a Facebook group called “Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas.” Sarah couldn’t believe that someone would call the cops on children being innocent children like this. I mean, chalk washes away when it rains, you know? These were kids enjoying the last days of summer after a rough year and a half. This is really insane.


Sarah got tons of supportive comments from people, and she shared that the kids have been back outside terrorizing the neighborhood with their chalk. They can’t be controlled, apparently (good!). The kids are just out there having a blast and enjoying themselves. Some neighbors even joined in. Sarah has the idea that the kids being outside is better than being cooped up in the house in front of a TV or scrolling on their phones. After all, that’s what kids (and a lot of adults) do when they’re bored.


People need to get a grip. Seriously. Let the kiddos have a good time.