Police Credit Kids With Saving Their Mom’s Life by Giving Bus Driver Note

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Children are some of the bravest people on the planet. In fact, I would argue that in many cases, kids have much more courage than adults do. That was proven recently in Las Cruces, New Mexico when some children got onto a school bus. When they got on the bus, they handed the bus driver a note that was a cry for help from their mother. The woman explained in the note that she was being dangerously abused and needed help and had no way of getting help on her own. Later, the woman clarified that her boyfriend threatened to kill her.

She said that the man, 40-year-old Erik Alvarado, abused her by strangling her, suffocating, and beating her. He did all of these things in the presence of the woman’s children who range in age from toddler to school-aged children. Also, she was deprived of her telephone and that’s why she couldn’t call for help. The man kept her close to him at all times, and the abuse happened even at night. When he let her go to take her kids to the bus stop the next day, she seized that opportunity to try to get help. She wrote a  note and asked the kids to give it to their school bus driver.

After reading the note, the bus driver called 911, who sent help for the poor woman. The incident was made public when the Las Cruces Police Department posted the story on Facebook. During the course of the abuse, the man also threatened to kill the children’s mother. When the police arrived, the woman was found with abrasions, bruises, and cuts that were consistent with the claims she made about being physically abused. Eventually, later in the day, Alvarado was found and detained for questioning.


As of now, the man has been charged with three third-degree felony counts of aggravated battery against a member of his household. He was also charged with some misdemeanor counts of battery and deprivation of property. He is being held without bond. Below is a news video about this story.