19 Mom And Dad Tweets That Will Make You Bust Out Laughing

When we get married and have children, it is generally accepted that we are going to lose most of our identity in the process. At one time, life may have been all about us and what we enjoy and suddenly, we are doing everything to take care of the kids. Although it may be true that we do lose a lot when we have children, there is one thing that we don’t lose, our sense of humor.

If you have any doubts about a sense of humor when you do have children, they are about ready to disappear completely. These parents took to Twitter to blow off some steam and to talk about their children in the process. Although they were limited in the number of characters that they can type in their message, they came across loud and clear. Not only will you understand exactly where they are coming from, you’ll have to agree that they are the funniest thing that you have read all day.

1. Never thought about this before

You should really ask more questions about this

2. A kid that is going places

He should get sorted out

3. The joys of parenthood

I would say that there’s something inspiring in this answer

4. Absolutely brilliant

5. I can totally relate to this

Sometimes you need to learn the hard way

6. I’m dying here

Why doesn’t this add up?

7. You win some you lose some

We all know what is normal

8. Accuracy is the name of the game

Let it sink in

9. Why don’t they?

What would you do to get your kids to stop crying?

10. Look for the silver lining

Did anyone bother looking?

11. I’m just a little sad now

It’s a big world out there for a dinosaur

12. Sweet freedom

So close

13. He’s got goals

And we love it even more now

14. Should switch to shots

Not enough wine in the world

15. Kind of creepy

They grow up too quickly

16. No negotiations

That’s stubborn for you

17. I’m in shock

How do you respond to this?

18. Poetry in motion

They are so genuine

19. I can relate

You need to name them something

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