23 Hilarious People Who Were Too Lazy To Be Bothered With Christmas Decorations

Not everybody enjoys decorating for Christmas. Sure, we may enjoy the festivities that are associated with celebrating the holiday but when it comes to spending hours of time and hundreds of dollars to put lights up around your property, we may decide to just enjoy what the neighbors have done. To be certain, we may even find ourselves driving long distances to see the Christmas light decorations but, more than likely, nobody drives by our home.

In December, people begin decorating for the Christmas season in a rather amazing way. They begin hanging fairy lights on other people’s houses or, if they just want to go with a normal option, they may only decorate a Christmas tree. Although that is fine, you still may feel a little bad about not decorating your home to the max. That is, until you see these 23 people who were too lazy for Christmas.

1. They hate decorating

2. Christmas decorations, done

3. Totally lazy

4. A makeshift decoration

5. The cops made him take it down

6. The day after Halloween and I’m finished

7. Holiday decorations at a hospital

8. Nobody said what size Christmas tree

9. The little girl in the car loved it but she can’t spell yet

10. Decorate the door at the last minute

11. Decorating the Christmas tree box

12. Easy cleanup from Christmas

13. Repurchasing the holiday decoration

14. Australian Christmas trees

15. She put up her Christmas tree and that’s all she is doing.

16. He thinks it’s a wonderful tree

17. So lazy

18. Christmas tree in the laundry

19. The room is done

20. A lazy Christmas tree after Halloween

21. You could use a thicker ribbon

22. The ideal Christmas tree

23. I’m way too lazy for Christmas