Grandma Comes Up With Hilarious Plan To Get The Grandkids To Visit

There are many people in our lives that we may consider special but our grandmothers tend to hold the title near the top of the list. When we are very young, we want to spend as much time with them as we possibly can. They tend to spoil us just a little or should I say just enough so that we keep coming back for more and more. As we get older, however, that may begin to change when we start to flex our independence. We still love our grandmothers but perhaps we don’t visit quite so often. One grandmother had a plan to overcome that and let me just say, it was awesome!

Misty and Milda were talking about their grandchildren after the holidays.

Mitsy said, “My daughter-in-law stopped making my grandchildren send their `thank you’ notes. Each year I sent the grandchildren a card with a generous check inside. I always received a lovely `thank you’ note. However, since my daughter-in-law stopped making the grandkids send thank you notes, I never hear from them.”

Milda said, “My daughter-in-law never made the grandchildren send `thank you’ notes. I too send them a very generous check. However, for the past several years, I hear from them within a week after they receive it. In fact, they each pay me a personal visit.”

“Wow,” remarked Mitsy. “I wish mine would do that.”

“You can, Mitsy, you can.” “How?”

Mitsy asked “Simple. Do what I do. Don’t sign the check.”

Source: Tickld