Man Marries Automatic Rice Cooking Machine — 4 Days Later He Files For Divorce

Weddings are supposed to be sacred ceremonies celebrating the love two people have for each other and their new journey into a bright new future. However, there have been several cases in which humans got engaged to and married things that were not human over the years. However, a man from Indonesia named Khoirul Anam takes the cake (or should we say “rice”).

Now, we’ve heard nothing but good things about the miracle machines known as instant rice cookers. This marvelous device apparently makes cooking rice very easy without the hassle of using a stove and boiling water. However, as great as rice cookers are, it’s hard to imagine being so in love with one that you want to marry the thing! But that’s just what Anam did.


Anan was so impressed with his rice cooker that he decided it was “the one.”

In pictures Anan shared on Facebook, we see the man signing the legal documents necessary to make his marriage to the rice cooker official. While the device doesn’t offer much by way of conversation, Anan couldn’t stop bragging about its amazing…”features.”

In the photos, we even see Anan kissing his new “bride” on its lid.


Anan also praised his rice-cooking new bride describing it as “white, loving, obedient.” adding, “without you my rice is not cooked.” Okay, so this isn’t the kind of romantic, sweet talk that most ladies dream about, but who can’t relate to someone who shares their passion for good food?

Sadly, as is the case with so many couples these days, Anan’s honeymoon with his sweetheart didn’t last very long. The rice-loving Romeo’s marriage to his rice-cooking Juliet only lasted four short days.


In a recent update post, Anan shared that he decided it was best they got a divorce after four days of marriage. The reason these two love birds split apparently had to do with the fact his bride could only cook rice and nothing else.

At this time, it isn’t clear if Anan and his rice cooker are still living together as friends. And there are still questions surrounding who has custody of all the uncooked rice in his home.

Perhaps they signed a prenup?


One can only imagine how awkward it must be to run into your ex-spouse every time you walk into the kitchen!

We hope Anan and his rice cooker find the happiness they deserve.

We’ve also heard rumors about sparks between the rice cooker and coffee maker.

But that could just be faulty wiring.

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