Retired English Teacher Gets Letter from White House, Marks Tons of Corrections Before Sending It Back

Yvonne Mason is a retired English teacher who spent a great deal of her lifetime correcting other people’s writing mistakes.

However, recently, she’s seen her most high-profile correction go viral when she posted her marked-up version of a letter she received from the White House, signed by none-other-than President Donald J. Trump himself!

“If it had been written in middle school, I’d give it a C or C-plus,” she said in an interview with The Greenville. “If it had been written in high school, I’d give it a D.”

The teacher, who recently retired from her profession after 17 years working in South Carolina schools, received the letter from the White House in response to one that she had sent concerning school safety following the mass shooting at Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School also known as the Parkland shooting.

In her Facebook post, which includes a photo of the letter, Yvonne wrote, “Got a letter from Mr. Trump. Will be returning it tomorrow.”

Image via Facebook.

Here’s a slightly enlarged version of her letter, for those who are curious about what was said.

Image via Facebook.

Among the numerous issues she had with the letter, were things like improper capitalization, redundancies, and a general lack of specificity. She noted that she was very tempted to put a grade on it, but decided to hold back.

“When you get letters from the highest level of government, you expect them to be at least mechanically correct,” she says. Although she acknowledges that the letter was likely written by a staffer, it still doesn’t reflect well on the government as a whole.

Interestingly enough, a recent report claims that staffers assigned to produce various correspondences (including tweets) on behalf of the President would deliberately insert errors into their writing to make it seem more like they were composed by the President himself.

However, there are a lot of folks not too happy with this teacher, who feel she was disrespectful to the President.

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