Tiny Puppy Wakes Up After Ripping Huge Fart And Proceeds To Freak Out

It doesn’t matter who we are or how we feel about dogs, we would have a very difficult time ignoring the affections of a little puppy. After all, they are absolutely adorable and, even though they are a miniature version of the larger animal, they seem to have their own personality that is quite delightful. It doesn’t matter what they are doing, they have a way of making us love them and that can be clearly seen in this video of a little puppy. The black and white spotted puppy with the tiny white paws are kicking as he is dreaming. He also has a surprise waiting.

The dog looks as cute as an angel as he is taking a relaxing nap on the carpet. It looks as if he was sleeping so peacefully as he slowly kicked his feet and whined just a little. What was he dreaming about? Perhaps he was chasing a bunny rabbit around the yard or maybe he was just enjoying some fun times with his human companion. During that time asleep, known as REM sleep, he could have been dreaming about anything.

Somewhere in the middle of his slumber, he decided to do something that would interrupt his peaceful sleep. The pressure must have been intense as it was building up inside of him. Suddenly, he cuts the cheese and the sudden noise wakes him out of his peaceful slumber. He looks around the room quickly, almost as if he was wondering what that noise could’ve been. In the meantime, you can hear his human companion laughing in the background but the dog’s reaction was spot on.

You would think that that was the end of the story but there is actually a lively debate taking place on YouTube. Some people say that it was the dog who passed gas but other people say that it was the man taking the video. Everybody has an opinion and they are going back and forth, including some strange facts that are being thrown in the middle. In the end, we may never know but it is still a gem to watch.

You can see it happening for yourself in this video.

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