Stranger Sees Boy With No More Than $20 To Buy School Shoes And Decides to Do Something

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If you ask most folks, they’ll tell you payday is their favorite day of the week. Sadly, there’s not a lot of money left after paying for the essentials and bills for many people. Malisa Manguso does a fantastic job as a hardworking single mom with two young sons. Despite not having a lot of material wealth, she showers them with love, raising her children to be happy and virtuous. But, still, being able to provide for growing young boys is not an easy job.

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His Shoe Budget Was Only $20

Because of this, Malisa and her young boys went shopping at a discount store to stretch their money further. The mom explained that Zach only had $20 to purchase new school shoes, which meant he needed to make a wise choice.

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Many of us have been in similar situations when money was very tight, and we had to stay true to a strict budget. Most folks work paycheck to paycheck and have to account for every cent to ensure they have enough money for food and bills.  This is one reason why people develop their budget hunting skills to find the best deals their budget can afford.

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A Stranger With A Big Heart

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The last thing Malisa expected was a man overhearing her and Zach’s conversation. Lito Mason was also in the store shopping for shoes when he happened to overhear Malisa and her son’s conversation about the boy’s need to make a wise choice because of his small $20 budget.

For someone to come up out of the blue and offer to buy your son his new pair of school shoes is a blessing down from heaven! Any parent who’s been in Malisa’s shoes knows just how hard it is and how grateful she must have felt.

According to Malisa, her son said Lito was “like an angel.”

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The Hero Saves The Day

Malisa always wished to remember Lito’s extraordinary generosity toward her son, so she asked the man if he would take a photo with Zach. She then posted the story of her heartwarming experience on Facebook along with the images, touching the hearts of thousands of folks!


One person recognized Lito and tagged him in the post. The kind stranger was overwhelmed after seeing how much his kind gesture touched the lives of so many people.

While it may have seemed like a small thing to Lito, his generous deed made a massive difference in the life of a struggling single mother and her son. There’s no question that this family will remember that fateful day forever.

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You can watch a news report about this heartwarming story below.

Lito proves it doesn’t take a life-threatening situation to be someone’s hero. If you enjoyed this story, please pass it along to your friends and family.