11-Year-Old Makes History After Getting 2 Golden Buzzers On ‘Got Talent’

It doesn’t matter who we are, we all have a talent that we can share with others. Most of us tend to hide it away and we don’t share it openly but that is not the case for some talented individuals, such as Angelica Hale. She was only 10 years old when she first appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2017. We realized immediately that we were looking at somebody very special and her performance went viral online. She ended up placing second but we all were eagerly waiting to see her again.

Now that she is 11 years old, she’s back on America’s got talent and competing in AGT: The Champions. It is a spinoff show that has been quite successful since it premiered and it has seen the likes of Boyle, who captivated the world and received a Golden buzzer during her audition.

What happened on the next episode really took everyone by surprise. Angelica was on the stage to cover ‘Fight Song’ and her rendition was so amazing that it blew everyone away. In fact, it even ended up earning her a Golden buzzer from Howie Mandel.

Hale was absolutely in tears when she knew that she was receiving the Golden Buzzer. She said, “I can’t believe this is actually happening to me. I never expected this to happen. I wanted to thank you so much. This is a dream come true.”

One of the reasons why this is so notable was because she is the first contestant that has ever received a Golden buzzer two times. She received her first one during the original audition and now on the spinoff series. It’s one thing to be talented but this girl is over-the-top!

You can watch it happen in this video:

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