19 Pics That Show The Power Of Mother Nature

When we stop to take a look at the world around us, it is amazing what we are able to see. There is so much beauty that sometimes, it is difficult to take it all in. We can see it in our own backyard or in other areas around our community. When we go to someplace special, however, such as a national park or to the beach, we see nature in a much more beautiful way. It is something that inspires us and we take the opportunity to view it when we have the chance.

There is also something about nature that cannot be denied, it has a lot of power. Sometimes, that power is contained and we can appreciate it by looking at it from afar. At other times, however, the power can overtake us, as is the case with a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or an earthquake. They can also be something to behold, but not in the same way.

Something that you will have to recognize about nature is the fact that it can be creative. It does some impressive things, and many of them are captured in the following images:

1. Apple orchard in Ireland after hurricane Ofelia

The hurricane came through and blew down all the apples. It actually picked the apples for them and now they have to get busy picking them up.

2. Nature came calling

If you were planning on working today, you might want to plan on doing something else.

3. Do you need flood insurance?

When it rains a little bit too much, you can isolate the water but you can not keep it out indefinitely.

4. Frozen waterfall

You have to wonder if this happened instantly or if it happened over time. In either case, it’s beautiful.

5. This desert in Algeria looks like tiramisu

You are not looking at a mirage, but it does look confusing. It’s snow mixed with sand in the desert.

6. The sky after hurricane Ofelia

This looks like the world is ending. Nature can be scary but it can also be inspiring.

7. A snow imprint

It looks like this person is not going to be leaving the house today. The snow piled up against the door and left an imprint.

8. Xavier was an awesome storm

It looks like those trees just had it coming. The storm wanted to destroy everything and it looks like it did a good job of it.

9. Drawing the line in Ohio

Snow didn’t fall in an entire region, it just made a thin line across Ohio.

10. What rainbows could look like

This is a double rainbow but it is unlike one any of us have seen before.

11. Is this a van Gogh painting?

No, this is just what the lawn looks like after a good rain.

12. It rained in Ireland

There was so much rain in Ireland that the swans were swimming past the windows

13. Simpsons movie

This rainbow dome was seen in Australia.

14. Nature is playing tricks

These clouds in Kamchatka look a little strange to me.

15. Hurricane Matthew did this

It looks like Matthew enjoyed doing some landscape design. Have you ever seen anything like this?

16. Shower in the office

Sometimes you just need to take a shower but we hope nobody was at the desk that day.

17. A tree that can’t read

This tree doesn’t want to play by the rules

18. Influencing nature

Apple may be working on something interesting, do you think?

19. A firefly in action

If you have never seen a firefly before, you haven’t really lived life yet.

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