6 Teens Sit In Chairs But When One Boy Snaps, They All Jump In

If there is one thing that we have gotten used to in recent years, it is seeing a lot of talent. It seems that talent shows are just put in front of us on a continual basis and many of us watch to see what is going to be the ‘flavor of the month’. Some of the more popular talent shows include Dancing with the Start, America’s Got Talent and many others. When those shows are on TV or when they are put online, they tend to go viral quickly.

There is another type of talent show that we also love, and that is the one that takes place in schools around the world. Those are shows where amateurs are able to get up in the spotlight and amaze their peers. Not everyone who is part of those talent shows is going to be ready for TV but some are quite good. We have probably all seen these local talent competitions and perhaps we have even performed in this as well.

The nice thing about local talent shows is that they don’t typically limit the students to only singing and dancing. That is why the audience did not quite know what to expect when 6 young men went up on stage.

As the curtains moved out of the way, the 6 young men are waiting. They are all wearing t-shirts and sunglasses but at first, they are slumped forward so you really only see the tops of their heads.

At first, the boys are quiet but one of the boys breaks the silence by snapping his fingers. The crowd begins to react right away in anticipation of what might take place next.

It isn’t long before the other boys start to join in. One by one, they start to sit up, snapping together. As it turns out, that is only the start of the show.

They soon transition into the next part of the show, slapping their knees in perfect unison. Suddenly, one boy reaches over to pat the knee of the boy sitting next to him and then his own chest. The rhythm is mesmerizing.

As the routine continues, there is no noise other than the sound of the boys patting. The act then intensifies, with the boys speeding up and never missing a beat.

You can watch the entire routine in this video: