Abilene Leads The Way Becoming The First Texas City To House All Its Homeless Veterans

Abilene, Texas is now the very first city in Texas to provide shelter to all its homeless veterans. KTXS 12 News reports that the city achieved this goal after the mayor of Abilene, Anthony Williams, announced last October that they planned to find homes for all veterans without permanent housing.

Last year, Williams challenged his city to find housing for all of Abilene’s homeless veterans, which at one time totaled five percent of the city’s homeless population.

“During the 100 days of this challenge, our local housing and service providers redoubled their efforts to house as many veterans as possible in order to make veteran homelessness in Abilene something that is rare, brief, and nonrecurring,” the West¬†Texas¬†Homeless Network told KTXS 12 News.

However, the city continues its vital work to help the remaining homeless population find housing.

Abilene is the ninth city in America to end veteran homelessness. The city is part of Built For Zero, a movement consisting of over 70 communities working to find housing for the homeless.

CNN reports that every day in the U.S., 40,000 veterans face homelessness.

Personally, I think this should not be a political issue, but rather the right thing for us all, as Americans, to rally behind.

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Source: Wideopencountry.com

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