Mother With Cancer Stands Her Ground When Doctors Tell Her To Terminate Pregnancy

Most of us would probably agree that there are times when it is necessary to visit the doctor and get some medical advice or help. We look to those medical professionals to provide us with the absolute best but we also realize that, like all other people, they are imperfect. There are going to be times when they make mistakes but unfortunately, those mistakes are a lot more serious than the ones that other people tend to make. It is because they are dealing with lives and sometimes we see the seriousness of that fact.

One of the discussions that are sometimes held between a doctor and patient is the possibility of having an abortion to save the life of the mother. Some people will go through with it but others will dig their heels in and stand their ground. That was the case with this mother, who was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer at 20 weeks of pregnancy. The cancer was cutting off her ability to breathe.

She remembers when an oncologist first mentioned the possibility of aborting the child.

The mother and her husband had struggled to get pregnant for many years and she was willing to die so that she could give birth.

After meeting with another doctor, all of the issues that the baby would face if she went full term were listed. The doctor also was advising her to terminate the pregnancy but she continued to refuse.

The doctor ended up saying: “That is ok. The baby will probably spontaneously abort anyway.”

She wasn’t willing to give up so she found a doctor that would support her wishes and she gave birth to a healthy baby at 34 weeks.

As of May, the mother will be celebrating 10 years free of cancer. She has a beautiful, bright and healthy 10-year-old daughter who was a constant reminder that doctors are not always right.

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