Traffic Cop Walks By Abandoned Piano. When He Stops, The Video Goes Viral

There is an old saying that goes; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We may have experienced this to a certain extent in our life. We often walk by rubbish that is sitting along the street, waiting to be picked up and taken off to the local dump. What we don’t realize, however, is that there may just be a treasure that is hidden in among the trash. Perhaps it is something that, at one time, held sentimental value for someone else. It may also be something that was considered useless by the individual who threw it out but in the right hands, it can be beautiful.

That is what happened when this abandoned wooden piano was left along the street. It was leaning up against a small tree and the rain was slowly falling. If you were to pass by this area, you probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. That wasn’t the case, however, for a man wearing a traffic warden uniform. He walks up to the street corner and when he sees the piano, he doesn’t hesitate for a moment. He walks right up to it and does something that nobody was expecting.

At first, he only hits the keys with a single hand but soon, his other hand followed. From that point forward, he puts on a show and we are so glad that they caught it on video.

Traffic is passing by while this traffic warden is playing a boogie-woogie to on an old, abandoned piano. Even an ambulance goes by with the lights flashing and siren on but he doesn’t stop for a moment.

All of us have a certain talent. We may not think much of it and perhaps we don’t let it show very often but this traffic warden was willing to show his talent to the world. As it turns out, however, he really isn’t a traffic warden at all. He is Brendan Kavanagh, a professional pianist that goes by the name, Dr. K.

Dr. K loves public performances and he is putting on a great one in this video. After this video was uploaded on YouTube, people started cheering for what he was doing. Even the light rain doesn’t stop him from performing an awesome song.

Fortunately, he doesn’t have to worry about his glasses or his hands getting too wet. He chose the perfect costume for a rainy day. The music was also uplifting and we can’t help but smile when we hear him playing it.

You can watch this disguised performance along a busy street in the following video. You are sure to love the music and the irony:

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